Gift and Picnic Basket Medium Size PREMIUM (Vegan or Vegetarian)

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Perfect for 4-5 people! 

These basket includes healthy Vegan and Vegetarian products, produced by TOP QUALITY ARTISAN and BOUTIQUE FOOD PRODUCERS and FOOD LOVERS.

The baskets are perfect for:
- Special occasions, such as: Birthdays, Charismas, Tet, Corporate Parties, Home Parties etc.
- Romantic indoor or outdoor breakfast, brunch, or dinner with your partner
- When you want to invite friends and family over for a healthy meal

You will be able to choose from our beautiful selection of:
- Sourdough Breads (Vegan) and cakes
- Artisan Vegan or Vegetarian Cheese. Sourced from both local and European top-quality artisan cheese producers
- beautiful flavors of Artisan Jams and Honey
- Best artisan Kombucha flavors
- Our premium basket includes Top Quality Truffle Based Products